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Limit Exceeded

Google Drive Limit Exceeded

  What's the issue and what is causing it?
  I assume most of us have come across the quota exceeded error. It's a pain but it's inevitable. The Explanation for this is simple. Users are free to share files publicly but to prevent abuse, Google adds a lock that prevents files from being downloaded, since quotas limit its availability. If too many users view or download a file, it may be locked for up to 24 hours. You'll see something similar to this while you try to access the file;

How do I bypass the issue?

Here are some methods by which you can surpass the issue
  • Edit the link and replace "/uc?id=" to "/open?id="
  • Add shortcut of the folder to your drive
  • Look for the file in the Shared With Me Section
  • Right Click on it and click Make a Copy
  • Download the copied file from your drive                  

Well I recommend you to Make a Copy of the file

Here is the video to bypass the issue in desktop and in mobile

Remember You need to download the "Copied" file, not the one that u added into your account. Copied files follow this naming pattern: Copy of filename

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  1. Hey is there any step to bypass mega transfer limit exceeded ?? If there please share it here.

  2. Replies
    1. Please use Mega app or you can change your IP for increasing your bandwidth limit.