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Mega or google Id


As we upload Anime in some online Storage like Google drive or Mega. Well, they provide us limited storage and we are not well established right know to afford paid version of these storages.

So, It will be great if you donate us some drives(storage) that you don't use. It can be a google drive or mega drive either. Must be a free version.

Before give us the drive make sure about these

  • It must not contain any personal stuff.
  • Make sure that you are not going to use it in future.
  • If its Mega then be sure that account must be verified by the email address.

Well It is not necessary to give us a used account, You can create and a new one and give it to us.

Please donate you account here.

You can Dm us in Instagram or directly donte here

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    1. Yes we got all of them really thank you for that. And we sent you a reply of that too in mail. Check it.